The Take-Away Shows - My two favourite videos

My last post about Miroir Noir and Vincent Moon made me go back to The Take-Away Shows site to watch my two favourite videos with Sigur Ros and Bloc Party. After watching them,  I decided to share them here, just because it's good to share.

I think both videos are so special and precious - and each one has a lovely write up explaining the background for each recording. I've included the links below.

Oh to have been in the same space during these recording sessions. Hope you enjoy this as much I do.

"A trip across Paris in a van. Lost drumsticks. A cafe you'd never expect to visit before the age of 60. An hour of waiting, and then, voilà--a few notes on the harmonium, a grand piano, a heavenly voice. Sigur Ros on a Take Away Show." Read the whole story here.

"It was on an October night, in Paris. We went to a pub, made some noise outside with a German band. Kele, Bloc Party's singer, went out. We asked him to sing. He said no. We asked again, he said 'yes but'. Then, we asked again...  Here it is, just one song, an old song, played acoustic for the first time. From Bloc Party, a Take Away Show." Read the whole story here.