Mahmovies! at thejamjar: Miroir Noir

Next Monday, 22nd Feb will be the closing night of Mahmovies! Music for the Eyes season. If you’ve been followng this blog, you will know I am a big fan of Mahmovies, so I know I will miss these special movie and music nights on Mondays, till the next season is announced.

Miroir Noir, a music documentary about Arcade Fire has been chosen to close off this season of Mahmovies. Sadly they won’t be there to perform live, in fact, there won't be any live performance that night. But that's ok, because what you will see in this movie will feel like an initimate look at a band during rehearsals, recording sessions and touring. If you are not familiar with Arcade Fire, you will be in for a treat.

If you have not seen their interactive sites for their album releases, you must have a look now, they are magical:

Vincent Moon who filmed this documentary is a man I want to meet and chat with for hours. He's the founder of one of my favourite music sites, The Take-Away Shows. Some of the best random, charming and most special music performances filmed by him are featured on this site. You will get to experience the the same watching Miroir Noir.


MIROIR NOIR – Arcade Fire (Vincent Morisset, 2008)
Duration: 76 minutes 

Few indie acts have reached the level of Montreal's Arcade Fire. Formed in 2003, Win Butler's gang of frail, pale, multi-instrumentalists have stampeded manically on stages all over the world; some small, some big, and some enormous. In the last few years, many of the stages that Arcade Fire have taken have been on the enormous side. Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl (17,000 capacity) and Manchester's Manchester Evening News Arena (14,000 capacity) are certainly not where one would expect to find a band that is so vehemently classified as indie.

Miroir Noir follows the band before, during, and after the release of their critically acclaimed 2007 album Neon Bible. The camera follows the group on the road, in the studio, and in some interesting places in between, including hotels, random street corners, elevators, the beach, and vocal recording sessions in unique locations. Anyone not familiar with The Arcade Fire's unique approach to performing music will instantly fall in love with the elevator performances and mid-crowd meddling that takes place at the end of some shows, where some or all of the band will end up in the crowd, but continuing to play their instrument (or sometimes just yelling lyrics through a megaphone). 

The film was directed by Vincent Morisset, a friend and collaborator of the band and filmed by acclaimed music cinematographer, Vincent Moon.


Mahmovies! is a free event and seating will be on a first come first serve basis, starting at 7.30pm on  22nd February at thejamjar. Location map:

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