Dibs and Dips – a new bakery in town


Dibs & Dips is an upcoming Emirati bakery that will serve traditional sweets and pastry based on recipes from here and the rest of the Arabian Gulf.

An idea developed by Zeinab Al Hashemi, Dibs & Dips will give a new twist to something old and also create an awareness to the Emirati culture through food. 

The bite sized versions of traditiontal sweets and savouries, like chabab (pancake), khameer (flatbread filled by sugar and date paste) and luqaimat (a local version of doughnut) will be served with an option of dips like dibs (dark honey with a molasses like texture), jam, cheese and many more.

Besides the new way of serving the food, Dibs & Dips has a modern look and follows a theme inspired from pop art that can be seen in their packaging and interiors.

As a teaser, there will be a free tasting event this Saturday at Art Connection and Zeinab will be pesent to get feedback and answer any questions. She still doesn’t have a permanent location to set up the bakery, but is currently operating from a kitchen/café in Bastakiya, taking delivery and outside catering orders.

I think this bakery is a great idea. We don't have many independent and standalone bakeries in Dubai and  certainly not ones specialising in Emirati food. So I am looking forward to this event. I just hope they will be serving delicious Arabic coffee as well.

Event details:
Date: 20th Feb, 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Venue: Art Connection (House 20) in Bastakiya, Dubai
Phone: +971 50 656 9121 or +9714-3540304
Email: aliaal.alshamsi@gmail.com and z_alhashemi@hotmail.com


Interview with Zeinab Al Hashemi about Dibs & Dips in Emarat Al Youm (Arabic language)

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