The Fridge Concert Series - Modern & Contemporary Dance


Next Monday will be the closing night of another series that has been going on for the past few weeks – The Fridge Concert Series. It will end with an evening dedicated to dance. 

For the first time ever under one roof, six of the most prolific dance choreographers in Dubai alongside several of the city's top dancing talent have been asked to put together a very special show for the finale. The night will feature the following dancers and will include modern, contemporary and videodance.

  • Yogina Makan Bougtab
  • Nadja Issa
  • Vivian Rojas
  • Krista Degaetano
  • Riina Liukkonen
  • Sarah Sebbing & Joese Luis Quiceno


A friend just brought to my attention that Sarah Sebbing & Joese Luis Quiceno have a special number lined up for this night. Their dance will be a story about two people who meet randomly and a whirlwind of emotions ensues. From an interview featured in Dubai Madame;

"Our stimulus for a theme came to us during the time of the metro opening in Dubai" said Stebbing, adding that from then on they "developed the idea of exploring chance relationships which occur at train stations and during journeys." Stebbing clued audiences in a little further saying the dance gives a nod to the classic 1945 movie "A Brief Encounter". You can read the complete interview here.


I love it when homegrown talent gets an opportunity to experiment, thrive and showcased to an audience hungry for something new and different.

I never had a chance to attend any of the concert series the past few weeks because it clashed with Mahmovies, which will also end this Monday. But I’m keen to attend this one, although I do feel torn between having to decide on which season finale I should attend, The Fridge or Mahmovies. I wish I could attend both. Guess I will figure it out later this week.