Music Monday - Sweet Sweet Moon

This landed in my inbox a few days ago, a new song by Sweet Sweet Moon called Smoke up. It was described as a song that "smells like summer". I listened to it, and yes, it does indeed smell like summer, but not like a Dubai summer where you are better off indoors because it's too hot. Instead, it's the summer where you do everything you can to stay outdoors. 

Sweet Sweet Moon's debut EP Pompidou came with a folk like singer-songwritier style predominated by acoustic guitar and melancholic vocals. Since then Matthias Frey, the one-man band from Vienna behind Sweet Sweet Moon made tremendous progress. His marvelous cover version of Beirut’s "My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille" already indicated the direction of his artistic development integrating looped violin hooks and upbeat electronics.

Matthias still orchestrating all pieces himself is now working closely with young producer Michael Schreiber fiddling about arrangements and tunes. With “Smoke Up“ Sweet Sweet Moon is delivering his the pop-iest track right for the summer, neglecting the melancholic ambience that used to characterise his sound.

Sweet Sweet Moon - Smoke Up by Siluh Records

You can download Smoke Up by Sweet Sweet Moon here.  

Here are a couple of his older tracks. I particularly like the remake Beirut's My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille (also one of the best song titles ever). 

Sweet Sweet Moon - My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille by Siluh Records

Sweet, Sweet Moon - Swim To The Moon by Siluh Records