Trailer Tuesday - Sounds Like Teen Spirit

I have a confession to make. I love Eurovision. It's extravagantly entertaining and camptastic. I watch it every year and I hope one day I can attend and experience it live. 

So in honour of this year's Eurovision, which is four days away and taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany, this week's Trailer Tuesday is Sounds Like Teen Spirit, a film about the Junior Eurovision which not many people know about. This version of the competition started in 2003. I have yet to watch this film, but it does look quite funny and adorable. 

In this BBC report about the film, it describes the film as "a genuinely funny and poignant love letter to the boundless dreams of childhood". Read the full piece here.

Sounds Like Teen Spirit is an affectionate comedy about the struggles of growing up, and the excitement and difficulties of being a kid. It follows the journey of four lovable losers from very different backgrounds and parts of the continent to Europes biggest child song-writing contest, The Junior Eurovision.