In memory of Dalida's death anniversary, she passed away on 3rd May 1987 (as a result of an overdose of barbiturates - her suicide note read "Life has become unbearable. Forgive me.") I am dedicating this blog post to her.

I remember watching her on TV when I was young and thinking how glamourous she is. She's one of those old school glamourous chauntuese you feel like you have to be dressed up just to listen to them singing.

In case you have no idea who Dalida is, her real name is Yolanda Christina Gigliottishe and she was born on 17th January 1933 in Egypt. Her parents migrated from Italy to Egypt in the early 1900s. She was crowned Miss Egypt in 1954 and from then on purused a career in music and movies. She had a more successful career in singing and recorded over 500 songs in 10 languages including Arabic, Italian, French, German and Greek.

Here are two songs I particularly like from the 1970s, I apologise for the video quality, but it's the best I could find online. Enjoy.

Salma ya salama - سالمه يا سلامه

Helwa ya baladi - حلوة يا بلدي