The Longest Way by Christoph Rehage

This is a time lapse video of photos taken by Christoph Rehage of himself during his journey on foot across China (4646 Km from Beijing to Urumqi via the Gobi Desert). He started this trip on 9th November 2007 and completed it on 13th November 2008.

His original goal was to walk all the way to Germany, but after passing the Gobi desert he decided to stop walking.

In this clip, you get to see the changing landscape across China and the changes Christoph is going through physically and, if you look close enough, emotionally.

You can read more about Christoph Rehage and his trip by visiting his website

(Note: The scenes where you see him Christophe in a plane or on a boat is when he had to take a break from his walking journey to sort bureaucracy issues.)