Damien Walter is Le Pump


Damien Walter is a gymnast, a stuntman and has some amazing moves. Just watch these clips to see what I mean. I am talking about him getting dressed and even undressed whilst doing these power moves,  getting into cars and driving off and just jumping over all sorts of obstacles. Hands up if you think it's time Parkour should become an official Olympics sport.

Damien Walter has worked as a stuntman and fight coordinator in movies including Hellboy 2:The Golden Army, Ninja Assasin and most recently Kick Ass.

I wonder what he does on a normal day. Is he capable of doing normal things like walking in the park, buying grocery from the supermarket without having to bust into these moves? I want to see him wearing a cape and beating up some bad guys, in real life. Seriously.

He's the coolest guy I've seen for a while, and not just for his power moves, but also for the fact that his  name in his email address is "lepump1" and that he has Sabrina's Boys, Boys, Boys added as a Favourite on his YouTube channel.