Amsterdam Diary: An art high at Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk Museum


From the Stedelijk shop

Today I was high on art. I spent the afternoon at the Stedelijk Museum and if I was man, the statement on the bag in the above photo would've been me.

I spent my time in two exhibitions, Bad Thoughts - Collection Martijn and Jeannette Sanders Bad Thoughts and On the Move: Storytelling in Contemporary Photography and Graphic Design

Below is a very small selection of what I saw. I will try to write about these exhibitions in more detail when I'm back in Dubai. 

Bad Thoughts - Collection Martijn and Jeannette Sanders

The Sanders Collection is one of the most important private collections in the Netherlands and contains a diverse array of several hundred paintings, sculptures, assemblages, photos, drawings, text-based artworks, films, videos, and installations by over 350 mostly European and American artists.

The title of the exhibition, BAD THOUGHTS, is derived from a photo work by Gilbert & George. It’s a light-hearted comment on the adventure of private art collecting, as well as the interest in the darker side of the human psyche, evident in many of the works in the Sanders Collection.


Thomas Demand - Diving Tower (1994)


Bill Beckley - Rising Sun, Falling Coconut (1978)


David Claerbout - Shadow Piece (2005)


Cindy Sherman


Georg Baselitz - Bog Pond (1976)


Georg Baselitz - Crouching Nude (1977)


Gilbert and George - Bad Thoughts (1975)


Bill Beckley - First Sexual Intercourse Piece (1975)


Armando - The Unknown Soldier (1979)

On the Move: Storytelling in Contemporary Photography and Graphic Design

On the Move focuses on recent developments in photography and reveals the myriad ways in which artists and photographers build their narratives in dialogue with graphic designers. The title On the Move refers to the journeys taken by many of the photographers in creating their projects, as well as the new directions in photography.

Ringel Goslinga - Circling Around to Sang

Samira Ben Laloua, Frank Bruggeman, Erbst van der Hoeven - Club Donny

Martine Stig - Cauchy Horizons

Martine Stig - Cauchy Horizons


Nadine Stijns - A Nation Outside A Nation

Nadine Stijns - A Nation Outside A Nation

Marc Roig Blesa and Rogier Delfos - The Language of Revolution Index

Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen - The Sochi Project

Thomas Kuijpers - #IDIDNTJOIN