In Amsterdam Diary: A visit to Foam


JH Engström

Today I visited Foam to see their latest exhibition. I fell in love with Close Surrounding by JH Engström and will be writing more about him and his work when I get a chance after this trip. 

Under Construction - New Positions in American Photography is a group show. I was drawn to some of the work (Matt Lipps and Owen Kydd), and some I need read about to understand the work more. Again, will write about this exhibition in more details when I get a chance.

For now, here are some photos I took from the exhibitions.

Close Surrounding by JH Engström

Engström divides his time between Paris, France and his birthplace in Värmland, Sweden. The manoeuvring between the slow pace of country life and the stimulating energy of the city is essential in Engström's life. This is reflected in his pure and authentic photographs and in the exhibition at Foam. The exhibition includes unique, previously unseen collages. The books that Engström has published are another important element of the exhibition.

JH Engström's photographs - which always reflect his engagement with his surroundings - reveal the loneliness and absurdity of the human condition. Engström uses his camera and its artistic possibilities to communicate in a meaningful and direct way with the viewer. He also shares his doubts about whether it is possible to truly understand what life is about. He explores various photographic genres such as the self-portrait, landscape, the snapshot and aerial photography. (via Foam)

Under Construction - New Positions in American Photography

Matt Lipps

Jessica Eaton

Owen Kydd

Foam presents 'Under Construction - New Positions in American Photography', a group exhibition featuring the work of nine young American and Canadian artists: Sara VanDerBeek, Lucas Blalock, Joshua Citarella, Jessica Eaton, Daniel Gordon, Owen Kydd, Matt Lipps, Matthew Porter and Kate Steciw. Even though the results of the artists' individual artistic practices are very diverse, the mentality, methodology and presentation of their work show a number of remarkable similarities.

A key characteristic is the investigative attitude they adopt to the photographic image and its representation. All of the participating artists are explicitly engaged in a fundamental reassessment of the value and significance of photography in the early 21st century. The far-reaching digitisation of society exerts an unparalleled influence on almost every aspect of the medium. This ranges from completely new photographic techniques (digitisation of the equipment) and the use of the photographic image (distribution via digital networks) to the value and significance of photography itself (in view of the never-ending stream of many millions of photographic images that are being taken, distributed and manipulated every day).  

(via Foam)