Amsterdam Diary - Foam Magazine Talent Launch

Today at Unseen, I attended a panel talk with the photographers featured in Foam Magazine Talent 2014 issue. It includes the Doha based duo Christto and Andrew whom I met earlier this year at Art Dubai. It was good to hear the artists present their work and the concept behind it. If you can, do get this issue, it includes some good essays too. 

The launch of Foam Magazine’s Talent issue will begin with a brief introduction by photography museum Foam’s Deputy Director for Artistic Affairs, Marcel Feil. This will be followed by a round table discussion with the Foam Magazine Talents 2014 moderated by Marcel Feil and professor and writer Jörg Colberg.

Foam Magazine Talents include:

Otto Kaan, Julien Gremaud, Charles-henry Bédué, Alice Quaresma, Jan Rosseel, Daniel Everett, Nerhol, Harry Griffin, Hannah Whitaker, Andrey Bogush, Jonny Briggs, Christto & Andrew and Sarah Schönfeld. 

Jörg Colberg

Dr. Jörg M. Colberg was born in Germany in 1968. He studied physics/astrophysics at the universities of Bonn and Munich and moved to the US in early 2000. Jörg is the founder and editor of the blog 'Conscientious', one of the most widely read and popular blogs dedicated to contemporary fine art photography. He is a faculty member of the international low-residency MFA program at the University of Hartford Art School (US). His writings have appeared in international magazines, and he has contributed introductory essays to monographs by various photographers.

Charles-Henry Bédué

My signed copy of Foam Magazine #39 Talent issue.