A Guide To Coffee Culture in Dublin by Louise Gaffney

Le Cool Dublin produced this lovely Guide To Coffee Culture in Dublin video to co-incide with Le Cool's Dublin Coffee Issue that came out late June.

I didn't know there was a coffee culture in Dublin, but it looks like it's been growing over the past five years, and according to the people featured in this video, it's all about the water, quality of coffee and attention to details that makes the coffee stand out in Dublin.

We like to think of the coffee shop as the third space after your work and your home. And traditionally in Dublin, the third space has always been like a pub and I think that's something that's changing in the city so we're seeing the emergence of the coffee shop as being something as a social hub.

Money aside, I think one of the most rewarding things of running a coffee shop is the social aspect of it. I think people come to coffee shops for that social experience. You don't meet your friends for a bacon sandwich or call up your friends and go do you want to go have a kebab. It's always do you want to go have coffee. 

Colin from 3FE