Songs from Disco Dancer

A few days ago I posted a short documentary called The Magnetist which featured a song called "Auva Auva – Koi Yahaan Nache" by Usha Uthup & Bappi Lahiri. It sounded familiar, and not just because it sounds Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles.

I remembered hearing and watching it from an old Bollywood film and after doing a bit of search online, I found out it's from Disco Dancer, an Indian movie from 1982 which I've watched as a kid.

So of course I started looking for the other songs from the film and had to share them with you - they are some of my favourite Bollywood songs. Hope you enjoy these. There's a lot of sparkle, a lot of wiggling and good ol' fashion Bollywood entertainment.

Auva Auva – Koi Yahaan Nache

I am a Disco Dancer

Jimmy Aaja