Trailer Tuesday - The Circle

This year's edition of the

Arab Film Festival

in Australia will be screening a few films from the United Arab Emirates. The festival is on from 30th June till 31st July 2011 and taking place in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane.

One of the films from the United Arab Emirates is 

The Circle


Nawaf Janahi

. It premiered at the Gulf Film Festival in 2009 and received very positive reviews. I have yet to see this film myself, but if you are in Australia during the Arab Film Festival, go check it out. 

Ibrahim, a poet and a journalist, discovers that he is dying soon from a fatal disease. He confront his crook partner, Bader, and demands his share. Ibrahim, happens to look out of his window that night where, Shahab, a thief forced by his boss to steal Ibrahim's neighbor's house. When Ibrahim captures Shehab, the two find themselves exchanging roles in life.