This Must Be For You

I'm back from London, but been fighting off a cold which explains the lack of blogposts.  My week in London was very reinvigorating, got my culture fix and met some of my friends. Will share more details from the trip another time.

But for now, I'd like to share this lovely project which I read about on my last day in London. Sad to say I didn't come across it whilst I was there. 

This Must Be For You is an act of kindness type of project which involves "anonymous gift giving to brighten up your day". 

It doesn’t take much to brighten up your day. But sometimes, it’s all too easy to forget to do the little things. So we’ve decided to reignite your faith in human kindness with our anonymous gifts to you. Keep your eyes peeled for your present, and if you felt like finding one would make your day, maybe you could give one yourself. 

At TMBFY we are all about promoting creativity in a new and tangible way. We want to use gift giving as a means, not only of spreading kindness, but to give artists, writers, videographers, photographers and musicians a different, and free, way to showcase their work. This means that people will receive amazing and original gifts, and our gift givers have a completely unique way of contacting their audience. WIN WIN.


Here's a video about them.