The Father of Pop Dance by Tiane Doan na Cham­pas­sak

The Father of Pop Dance by Tiane Doan na Cham­pas­sak is a photo book based on vin­tage prints of Cham­passak's father danc­ing in a Los Ange­les photo stu­dio.

The book is designed by Hester Keijser and I fell in love with it after I saw the video below (and planning to buy myself a copy soon).

From Hester Keijser's blog:

The book is in effect a repro­duc­tion of a photo album that shows his father, who also went by the name of Tiane Doan na Cham­pas­sak, danc­ing in a photo stu­dio in Los Ange­les in 1967. Dur­ing the shoot, he changes into dif­fer­ent funky out­fits, but always wear­ing the same belt. There is no fur­ther story about the ori­gin, the how and the why of the photo series, nor do we know what music Tiane’s dad was danc­ing to, but we can imagine. 

The album, which begins and ends with the Father of Pop Dance sit­ting in dif­fer­ent poses on front and back cover, has a delib­er­ated edit, with mul­ti­ple expo­sures at the begin­ning and end of the danc­ing sequences. Over time, the exist­ing sym­me­try has been enhanced nat­u­rally: humid stor­age con­di­tions caused the pages (all ana­log prints) to stick together in cer­tain spots. Open­ing the album after decades inevitably caused tears in the prints that look like snow, and add an extra visual layer sug­gest­ing movement.

About the book:
The Father of Pop Dance
64 pages, spi­ral bound
17 x 21,50 cm
Self Pub­lished in France 2012
First edi­tion, 700 copies
Printed in Hol­land

Also avail­able via Cham­pas­sak's website.