Holstee Manifesto Copycats

The Holstee Manifesto

The Holstee Manifesto

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know I'm a huge fan of Holstee. I've blogged about them several times since 2010*. What I like most about Holstee is their manifesto, which to me is a reminder we all need to what matters in life. The manifesto was designed by Rachael Beresh and written by Holstee founders Dave and Michael Radparvar and Fabian Pfortmüller

So as a distant admirer and fan of Holstee, I was quite annoyed to find not one, but two copycat manifestos around Dubai. 

Exhibit A: 

MAKE describes itself as "the home of young business and big ideas. An inspiring urban café designed specifically for the mobile workers based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates." 

Overall, MAKE has been receiving good reviews. I've been there a couple of times - the place serves good food and coffee, and the team that work there have organised some interesting events (I've attended two film events there - although I must say the place really isn't an ideal venue for film screenings). 

But when it comes to the MAKE Manifesto, it's a blatant copy of the Holstee Manifesto (which by the way, is a copyrighted manifesto).  


Compare MAKE's 'manifesto' to Holstee's Manifesto (you can see it at the end of this post) and you be the judge. Some of lines in MAKE's manifesto are identical to Holstee's manifesto.  

This is your life. 
If you don't like your job quit.  
Some opportunities only come once, seize them.  
Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them.

So my question is, why oh why go into plagiarism territory? I wonder if the people behind the MAKE Manifesto think no one would notice, that no one in Dubai would be aware of the Holstee Manifesto. In this day and age where we have access to more information than ever, I'm always surprised when someone tries to copy somethng and think they can get away with it. 

Exhibit B:

I was at Virgin in Dubai Mall the other day and noticed a very familiar looking 'manifesto' at the entrance  of the store. After doing some research, I found out its by TEDx Dubai. Here's some more information from Virgin's blog:

Find the notable red TEDx chair and on it you will see the manifesto of what it means to be the good citizen. Sit on the chair, hold the sign and take a picture. Tweet it and hashtag #TheGoodCitizen, get involved and be part of the conversation.

So basically, TEDx Dubai copied the design of the Holstee Manifesto and created a manifesto about the "CITY" instead of "LIFE". No doubt this was 'inspired' by the Holstee Manfiesto, but come on, does it have to be such a blatant rip off? 

This is the original Holstee Manifesto which came out in 2009, and you can read about it here


I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I'm tired of people and organisations in this town ripping off other people's work and ideas - and getting away with it. I see it a lot when it comes to advertising, here's a whole range of copycat advertising from the region

For the record, I am not posting this on Holstee's behalf, I'm just a fan of the brand, for what it represents and annoyed when other companies/organisations try to jump on the bandwagon instead of coming up with their own unique ideas. 

Rant over. 


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