The Culturist - Best Asian Blog at the 2011 Bloggies

I found out early this morning that this blog won Best Asian Blog at the 2011 Bloggies. I was watching the Oscars at the time, so this award felt like a mini Oscar award for me.

Needless to say, I very happy and thanks to everyone that supports and voted for my blog. A big virtual hug to all of you. I just hope next year, there can be a separate category to represent the Middle East.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here's the list of all the winners:
Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog - Down to Earth
Best Asian Weblog - The Culturist
Best African Weblog - My Marrakesh
Best European Weblog - Lost in Cheeseland
Best Latin American Weblog - Tea and Co.
Best Canadian Weblog - Attack of the Red Neck Mommy
Best Science Weblog - What's Up With That
Best Computer or Technology Weblog - Life Hacker
Best LGBT Weblog - Effing Dykes
Best Weblog About Religion - Friendly Athiest
Best Weblog About Politics - Huffington Post
Best Sports Weblog - Dead Spin
Best Travel Weblog - Camels and Chocolate
Best Photography of a Weblog - The Pioneer Woman 
Best Art, Craft or Design Weblog - Regretsy
Best Food Weblog - The Pioneer Woman
Best Parenting Weblog - The Pioneer Woman
Best Music Weblog - Pitchfork
Best Gossip Weblog - Jezebel
Best Entertainment Weblog - io9 
Best Fashion or Beauty Weblog - Go Fug Yourself
Best Topical Weblog - Post Secret
Best Designed Weblog - The Pioneer Woman
Best Humorous Weblog - Hyperbole and a Half 
Best Writing of a Weblog - Hyperbole and a Half
Best Group or Community Weblog - Huffington Post
Best Kept Secret Weblog - Band Back Together
Best New Weblog - The Year of Blogging Dangerously
Lifetime Achievement - Fat Cyclist
Weblog of the Year - The Pioneer Woman