Scarface - the school play version


If you have to watch one hilariously adorable video today, please watch this scene from a school play adaptation of Scarface. This is very different from the fairytale school play productions we had during my school days.

"Okay Sosa, you want to fudge with me?"

I want to watch the whole play, I bet it's fudging awesome!

Update on 2010-03-31 16:27 

So it now turns out this scene isn't from a real school play. It's a video created by director Marc Klasfeld and distributed online by Hung Nguyen of Sharethrough. Here's an interview with them talking about this video and how they feel about the positive and negative reaction this clip has received.  I still love it and think Klasfeld should now shoot a full length version of a school play version of Scarface.

(via Mashable)