Forbidden scenes


This is a lovely montage showing a selection of censored scenes from movies made in the 1920 and 1930s. All of it looks so innocent compared to what we see in movies and television these days.

In this part of the world, nudity continues to be censored from our cinema screens, although violence never seems to get a second glance by the censors (and the infamous black marker men continue to censor nudity in imported magazines). I often wonder if someone will discover any censored clips from our cinemas many years from now and look back and think how prudish we continued to be in the early 21st century - or will it still be the same.

Speaking of forbidden scenes, I had to revisit the final scene from Cinema Paradiso.  **Spoiler alert ahead**

In this scene, you see a grown up Salvatore discovering a special montage of kissing scenes made by Alfredo, the cinema projectionist, which were cut off because the local priest ordered him to do so when Alfredo showed movies in the cinema during Salvatore's childhood.

Cinema Paradiso is my all time favourite movie and is a love letter to all movie lovers. If you have not watched it yet, I urge you to buy/rent it now, it truly is an exquisite movie. If I had to choose one favourite last scene from any movie, this would be it.