Pepsi & Lay's Ramadan 2013 - The Film

For this year's Ramadan, Pepsi and Lays have put together a commercial that celebrates the gathering of friends and family during Ramadan, breaking the fast together around a dining table full of delicious meals, followed by eating delicious desserts, usually in front of TV.

The tagline is "Let's complete our gathering", "يلا نكمل جمعتنا" (Yalla nkamel jam'etna) - which I guess is saying if you buy Pepsi and Lays, your Ramadan gathering will be complete.

The commercial also touches upon an aspect that I'm not sure many young people will get or appreciate today. It feautures Ramadan icons from the 1970s/80s/90s, NellySamir Ghanem's FatoutaFouad El Mohandes' Amo Fouad (Uncle Fouad) and Boogie and Tamtam. These icons will always create an emotional reaction and move anyone that grew up watching them on TV during Ramadan. I actually teared up watching it because it brought back a lot of good memories and I heard many had a very similar reaction to it.

Pepsi & Lay's have come together to re-ignite the spirit of Ramadan by bringing together the most famous Ramadan icons: Nelly, Fatouta, Fouad El Mohandes and Boogie & Tamtam. Let's complete our gathering, يلا نكمل جمعتنا (yalla nkamel jam'etna).

The campaign invites viewers to film and share their Ramadan moments which will be part of a "Pepsi movie". I will be on the lookout for this, but I really hope the movie won't be full of clips of people holding Pepsi cans and eating chips.

I am not a Pepsi drinker and I know I won't be buying any because of this commercial, but I'm glad they've put together a commercial which touched us on an emotional level and captured an insight to Ramadan that's unique to this region.