Music Monday - Def Leppard

Def Leppard's hit album Hysteria turns 25 this month. This may come as a suprise, but some of my favourite songs are from this album and brings out the rocker in me. Animal was the first song I heard from this album, which I instantly loved. My other favourites include Pour Some Sugar On My and Hysteria. 

The album was released on 3rd August 1987, after working on it for three years. The band also experienced a tragedy, drummer Rick Allen lost his left arm in a car crash in 1884. But after recovery, he returned to the band and designed a drum kit that he could play with one arm and both feet.

Here are the videos of my favourite songs from Hysteria and if you are interested, I strongly recommend you read this piece by Gary Graff from who describes each track

In all it took three years, three producers and an estimated $5 million -- but it turned out one of the most successful and iconic albums of all time. "After that, the word 'can't' isn't in Def Leppard's vocabulary anymore," Elliott said at the time. "I mean, we've got a one-armed drummer, took a ludicrous amount of time and money on (the album) -- and we're still here. So we have this attitude that nothing's impossible -- except, maybe, making a six-week album." via


Pour Some Sugar On Me