In Dreams by Sheikha Wafa Hasher AlMaktoum

© Wafa Hasher AlMaktoum

In Dreams is a new solo exhibition by Sheikha Wafa Hasher AlMaktoum,  opening on 11th May 2011 at Bonhams in Dubai.   

Wafa is an artist who also runs her own business, FN Designsa multi-disciplined design studio based in Dubai launched in 2009. Fn (pronounced 'fann') is the Arabic word for 'the arts' – and specialises in graphic and product design, illustrations, publications, branding and art related events, and also develops art and design based consumer products, publications and clothing.

As the founder of FN Designs, Wafa is looking to develop her personal desire for art and design and create a more design-centric social community within Dubai, through innovative and collaborative events.

As an artist, Wafa's work explores her surroundings, her home and her city and the people within. She combines and uses new media within her artwork and work with a variety of materials. She also enjoys making art and use it to express herself as she incorporates hidden messages and elements to her work, that probably does not mean anything to anyone but herself.

About In Dreams,

Sometime, in early 2010, I had a dream that I could have sworn felt so real. I proceeded to share the dream with a friend and she told me how she too has had a similar experience. This caught my curiosity and I started to research more about lucid dreaming.

Over time I became interested in finding out what others were dreaming and how they related to their dreams. I started talking to family and friends; about wanting to document their dreams; no matter how bizarre it was. I then set about sending a mass email to everyone I know; with details about my project and a specific set of questions for them to answer and reply back to me.

I ended up with over fifty dreams; and the responses ranged from being deep, personal, vague, and elaborate and some even possessed a fairy tale quality to their experiences; non the less intriguing. Later on I documented their feedback; sketched their words into images and over time I managed to fashion a collective dream diary, that was then promptly tucked away in my drawer.

Later on in the year I decided to go back and revisit the diary and approach it with a fresh perspective, while turning them into valid statements of the dream state. 

© Wafa Hasher AlMaktoum

Exhibition details

Date:  Vernissage Wednesday, 11th May between 7.00 - 10.00 pm. Exhibition will run till 1st June 2011.

Venue: Bonhams, Villa #23, Jumeriah 1, Beach Road, Opposite Dubai Zoo, Dubai 

Phone: 04 344 9945