Hero by Miguel Endara

This is an amazing 'making of' video showing a drawing composed entirely of approximately 3.2 million ink dots. The drawing, Hero, is by Miguel Endara featuring his father. It's quite an amazing feat and I admire people that have the patience to do such detailed work like this. 

Here are some frequently asked questions that Miguel Endara has posted on his site that explains this work:

How did you count all the dots?

The number of dots is an approximation, not an exact number.  But it's a very very close approximation.  I filmed myself in just about every section of my drawing and got an average of 4.25 dots per second.  That translated into 3,213,000 dots if you multiplied that by 210 hours, which is what I logged in for the entire drawing. Because I know it can't be exactly accurate, and because I think I might be off just a few thousand dots or so, I rounded it off to an even 3.2 million.

How long did this take?

I logged in exactly 210 hours of just stippling, but it took nearly one full year to complete from start to finish.

How many pens did you use?

Just one! I had many pens as backup, but I never had to use any of them. Go Sakura!