For the love of film - Women from old days of yore

For this last post that is part of the For the love of film blogathon, I am sharing a couple of clips, also from the BFI Archive, dedicated to the women from the days of yore. Entertaining and also interesting to see how much has changed and yet in some aspects, some things are still the same.

This clip shows an alternative to girls sending out Valentine greetings, the “Kiss Valentine” – send one with an imprint of a lipstick instead of the traditional valentine card.


This clip, and my favourite (can I confess I love their swimsuits?), shows girls frolicking around a pool. It’s like a 1920’s version of girls gone wild. Not too sure what was the objective of this film, but I wonder if this was an excuse for a bunch of men to film some girls by the poolside.


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This final post is part of the For the Love of Film Blogathon, hosted by Ferdy on Films and The Self-Styled Siren and sponsored by The National Film Preservation Foundation, an independent, nonprofit organization created by the U.S. Congress to help save America’s film heritage. They work directly with archives to rescue endangered films that will not survive without public support. Please donate.

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