For the love of film - The smallest car in the largest city in the world

Being from Dubai, a city that always likes to promote the biggest and tallest, I was delighted to see this gem  called 'The smallest car in the largest city in the world', filmed in London in 1913. Please watch it till the end, it is just over 6 mins long. It is too adorable, even though it was made and used for promotional purposes at the time by the car manufacturing company.

About the clip, from BFI Archive:

"Queen Alexandra ordered a miniature Cadillac car for Crown Prince Olav (later King) of Norway and - never ones to miss an advertising opportunity - the manufacturers arranged the filming of the car's departure from the factory, where it is waved out by an enthusiastic male crowd.

This mini marvel continues its jubilant journey through the streets of London - past the Bank of England, around Trafalgar Square and on to Hyde Park. As crowds cheer and leap in front of the camera, desperate to be preserved on film, the driver's composure and deadpan facial expression remains one of the most entertaining aspects of this Edwardian glimpse of British pride.

The film ends with some charming footage of a tea party, in which three children run into trouble with the law for speeding!"

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