For the Love of Film - Hitchcock on What's My Line?

Continuing my Hitchcock themed posts that's part of For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon III, today I share a video with the man himself.

The clip is from a TV game show called What's My Line? that ran from 1950-1967 in the US. I've never watched any episodes, but familiar with the show it because I've seen some clips online in the past. 

The game consisted of four celebrity panelists who would try to determine the occupation of the contestant by asking different questions. They could only ask questions that could be answered with a 'yes' or a 'no'.  There was also a segment that included a mystery guest, usually a celebrity.

This is where Hitchcock comes in. In this clip you see him disguising his voice, being cheeky with some of his answers and for some questions, answering 'Oui' instead of 'Yes'. I really enjoyed this and wish shows like this could make a come back (God knows we need something to replace the awful 'reality' shows that have taken over our TV stations).

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. It's a gem of a clip.

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