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Today is the last day of For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon III and my last post Hitchcock themed post invites to watch this interview with him from Monitor, a BBC show from 1964.

There are some fantastic quotes from this interview, here are a couple of examples:

You’re a master, aren’t you, of the unexpected...

Well, that’s only because one’s challenged by the audience. They’re saying to me “show us” and “I know what’s coming next”... and I say, “do you?” And therefore, that’s the avoidance of the cliché automatically. They’re expecting a cliché and I have to say “we cannot have a cliché here”.

Have you ever been tempted to make what is nowadays called a horror film, which is different from a Hitchcock film?

No, because it’s too easy. Are you talking about visual horror like Frankenstein and that kind of thing?


No, they’re... they’re props. I believe in putting the horror in the mind of the audience and not necessarily on the screen.

I always enjoy listening to anything Alfred Hitchcock says. I find his articulation, humour and point of views all very delightful.

Sit back and enjoy.

Monitor - Huw Wheldon meets Alfred Hitchcock

The last quote about happiness in the Monitor interview is a perfect segway into to the next clip, where we can hear Hitchcock talk more about his definition of happiness. I absolutely love, love, LOVE what he says.

And there you have it folks, an interview with Hitchcock and his definition of happiness seems like the perfect way to end this blogathon. Hope you have been enjoying reading these posts as much as I have been putting them together. You can find all of my previous For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon posts here.

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