Exhibition - Fragile States by George Awde at East Wing

Fragile States by George Awde is the latest exhbition at East Wing, opening on Thursday, 14th May at 7pm. The exhibition will go on till 25th June 2015. 

There will be a talk with George Awde and Beate Cegielska, Director of Galleri Image, Aarhus in Denmark at 5pm on 14th May before the exhibition opening. 

It is free to attend, so if you're looking for something intersting to do on a Thursday night, I suggest you come to this. East Wing is one of the handful of galleries in the UAE that shows intelligent photography, so don't miss this.

Fragile States chronicles the transitory existence of a group of young men and boys - many of them migrant laborers, emigrants from Syria and Syrian Kurdistan living in the context of Beirut.

Intermixed with these quiet intimate portraits are landscapes and still lives, which together raise questions around masculinity, citizenship, and the fragile state between adolescence and manhood.  

Considering both land and body, Awde’s work explores the scars of the flesh with those of the soil.  As these men grow and change, the photographs capture physical marks – in the form of tattoos and cuts – giving hints of struggle and survival. Likewise, the landscape allows us to consider our states of belonging. 

Fragile States is a collaborative exchange photographed over a number of years. These photographs act as witness to the subtle passing of time and coming of age for these young men who are caught in-between their unstable homeland and the challenges they face in the margins of Beirut. 


All images courtesy of East Wing.  

Event details
Dates: 14th May - 25th June 2015
Venue: East Wing, Limestone House #12, DIFC, Ritz Carlton Annex, Dubai (location map)
Gallery Hours: Saturday - Thursday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm