BBC Arabic Festival 2015 - Call for Submissions

I only recently found out about the BBC Arabic Festival, a showcase of diverse range of short films and documentaries from across the Middle East, by Arab and non-Arab, professional and amateur filmmakers. 

The second edition will take place this autumn in London. There's a call for submission that was announced a few months ago and the deadline is 13th May 2015. I know that's just a few days away, but if you or anyone you know that might be interested, you have a few more days to apply.

The festival's theme this year is  "Rulers and Ruled: Power in a Changing Arab World". 

"Rulers and Ruled: Power in a Changing Arab World" will explore the struggles for power and control that continue to shake the region. Film and documentary makers, journalists and the general public who are exploring key issues around the Arab world are welcome to submit their work.

People of all backgrounds are encouraged to take their chance with a creative or journalistic piece, conveying a unique, underreported story in response to the theme.

Filmmakers have four categories to choose from:

  • Short Films must be fictional pieces between three and 40 minutes in duration. This can include experimental and animation films. We encourage narratives told with wit, humour and artistic interpretation. We also seek experimental films that use a variety of styles and elements of the audio-visual medium.
  • Short Documentaries must be a work of non-fiction and be between 10 minutes and 40 minutes in duration. We aim to showcase journalistic clarity, precision, balance, fairness, in-depth research and detailed analytical skills in documentary investigations. We will reward films that show courage in dealing with difficult subjects, films that challenge and question power and authority, seek justice or reveal something new about an issue of public interest in the Arab world.
  • Feature Documentaries must be a work of non-fiction between 40 and 90 minutes in length. The Feature Documentary category is for well-researched and accurate long-form visual narrative on an issue covering a period since the Arab uprisings. The films should have strong production values, a compelling arc and engaging central characters.
  • Reportage must be a work of non-fiction and must be up to 10 minutes in duration. The Reportage category will recognise professional and non-professional reporters, journalists and film makers.

Additionally, BBC Arabic will offer the Young Journalist Award to the most promising young person, aged 18-30, with a programme of training, mentoring and equipment worth up to £10,000 and a potential for their project to be commissioned by the BBC.

Full entry details are available here: