Blast from the Middle East Past - Alia Hussain

Alia Hussain from Kuwait is a classically trained singer and musician. Unfortunately, I don't know where she is now and I'm struggling to find information about her on the internet. All I know is that I remember this song, Al Hamdo Lak and this performance very well from my childhood, it's from the early 1980s (if my memory serves me well).

Everyone looks so elegant in this clip. I love that there's a woman playing the oud along with a group of women playing the handheld drums. The sound of the rhytmic clapping is my favourite part though. I wish the days of sitting in a majlis (salon) like this and listening to music could come back. I'd be one of the happy clappers.

Compared to what we see on the Arabic music channels now, this was from a time when artists with real talent appeared on TV. Alas, the Arabic music channels today don't show anything as classy as this.

PS Dear Reader - If you do have any information about Alia Hussain, please leave a comment so that I can udpate this post. Thanks.