Behind The Wall: The Battle for LA's Murals by Oliver Riley-Smith

This short film about the disappearing murals in LA made me sad. LA used to be known as the mural capital of the world, but today they are slowly disappearing.  According to Ernesto De La Loza, the mural artist featured in this film, they are being "bludgeoned by graffiti, censored by the city...that's how they want to bury the past here."

I'm a fan of graffiti art, but I don't understand why would graffiti artists spray over the murals, over something that already looks beautiful.

In a time where more cities are gentrifying parts that are unqiue and special - where everything ends up looking the same, I hope the tide will change and people can partake in shaping what their cities can look like by adding unqiue touches to it.

Coming from a place that frowns upon public graffiti, I probably should give up on the idea of even suggesting creating a mural or two.