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MinD - Made in Dubai Art Festival

MinD (Made in Dubai) is an art festival organised by DUCTAC that will focus on the emerging talent that live, work and produce art in Dubai. To those that say there is no developing art scene in Dubai, hope this exhibition will change your mind.

The festival will showcase experimental, site-specific works with an urban theme in a range of media from video installation to graphic art by talented artists working to create a creative community in Dubai.

Heart Lamp by Renata Giovannoni

The exhibition will run from 14th-22nd March and the artwork will be displayed all around both of DUCTAC's buildings in random unconventional spots.

The opening night will include live art by the Brown Monkeys and other artists, plus live music by Eric Brujnes and Tim Hassall.

I'm happy to say that my photos will be included in this exhibition, alongside work by the following artists:

  1. The Brown Monkeys - graphic artists extroadinaire
  2. Rebecca Rendell - site specific installation
  3. Liz Ramos - site specific installation
  4. Sasan Saidi - site specific graphic installation
  5. Donna Don - video installation
  6. Elizabeth Monoian + Robert Ferry- video installation
  7. Darwin Guevera - mixed media painting
  8. Raju Alexis - photography
  9. Toma Gabor - scuplture
  10. J.R. Osborn + Katy Chang- installation/ performance art
  11. Sarah Lahti - video installation
  12. Rajaa Khalid - photography
  13. Rashid Al Mulla - sculpture installation
  14. Lantian Xie - video installation
  15. Renata Giovanoni - sculpture installation
  16. Michael Bray - sculpture installation
  17. Jalal Abuthina - photography
  18. Julia Townsend - site specific installation
  19. Marcelo Lima - drawing installation
  20. Karen Dias - photography installation
  21. An exclusive designer toy by Foo Dog
  22. Special features: Video art provided by Video Appart

Photo by Hind Mezaina 

Event details:
Date: 14th-22nd March (Opening on 14th March at 6.30pm)
Location: DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

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Reader Comments (3)

Seems almost like painting is going out of fashion these days in art fairs, it's all about installations and other kind of 'trendy' stuff :-) nothing wrong with them but people just seem to be trying to push the boundaries of what everyday people think is art but throwing something radical in just to stir it up and maybe create controversy. I guess it depends on what the purpose of the exhibition is, to sell or to entertain or maybe even to shock. Will be interested to go and have a look at this anyway.

March 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMarian Lishman

I don't think MinD is trying to be radical/controversial or even trendy. It's a simple case of showcasing work by artists based in Dubai and all forms are welcome. Having said that, Dubai does lack exhibitions and spaces that showcase art installations and mixed media, so it is refreshing to see exhibitions including this and adding a new dimension to art and not just have framed images on a wall.

I don't think painting was intentionally left off. But guess it's worth discussing with the curator. Hope you can make it though to check out the various artwork.

March 13, 2010 | Registered CommenterThe Culturist

I think its great that Dubai have so many events that celebrate the city and its people. It's part of what is making Dubai grow so fast, I beleive.
And its good also, I must say, that there is more experimental work being done and being given a platform. All works are great to see, but 'new media' art is lacking in the Gulf so it's good to see that being gap filled.
Mabrook to everyone taking part! And lucky those who are able to visit it :)

March 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSheyma B

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