Wanderlust Found - Yemen

The Wanderlust Found is a video and photography site by a collective called Noavi. They recently launched a video titled Yemen is a Feeling which looks at a side of Yemen we don't get to see or read about in the news.

It's a beautiful video accompanied with the following words to describe the feelings it's trying to invoke. 

Yemen is a feeling / An ancient culture / That has perpetuated for generations / With vices + virtues / With style + grace / Where generosity is second nature

Yemen is a feeling / Of welcomed immersion of adaptability / Where new generations are thriving + a bit bravery can lead to breathtaking beauty / In villages that time forgot / What you find / May surprise you

Yemen is a feeling / Of wisdom over centuries / Of ingenuity + determination / Being welcomed into someone’s home / When food is shared / Where detachment has its benefits / When we stop taking electricity for granted / When nature chooses to connect with us

Yemen is a feeling / Of affection / Of simple pleasures / A quality of life + joy / Of self-sufficiency / Exploration + wonder / The things that unite us / Are stronger that those that divide us

The video is in conjunction with an exhibition Wanderlust Found: Yemen at the Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi. The exhibition is on till 22nd April 2014. Additionally, there is a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered custom boxes of the smaller versions of the 20 analog photographs that from the exhibition.

The boxes are lined with woven fabric sewn in Yemen and every image is embossed. Each box costs USD 110 and a portion of all sales will be donated to a Yemeni girl’s scholarship fund to attend university. You can purchase the photographs here