Vinyl Launch - Systems for a Score by Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver

On Thursday, 21st May, sound artists Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver will launch an album titled "Systems for a Score" released by The Vinyl Factory in London

The album was recorded during their exhibition by the same name at Tashkeel, which included a built-in recording studio called "A Model Studio". UAE-based musicians, artists and school children were invited to  collaborate with the artists, improvising and interpreting "Sadu" (traditional Emirati weave) as graphic scores.

© Darwin Guevarra - A Model Studio

The recordings resulted in seven tracks released in this limited edition album. The artwork was created by my brother, Khalid Mezaina, (you can read more about it here)

Here's a sampler of the music on the album. It's eclectic and I personally like it a lot. If you like what you hear, then make sure you go to Tashkeel on Thursday, 21st May to buy the album. The evening will include introductions by the contributors, listening session and live performances.