Venice Biennale 2011

Image from the UAE Pailion 2011

Image from the UAE Pailion 2011


The 54th of the Venice Biennale comes to an end on 27th November. It's been on all summer, but I never had a chance to visit. So I thought I'd share a video from the first three days of the 'vernissage' (the VIP opening dates) that I found on

It's quite entertaining, particularly because it has art critic and journalst Ben Lewis who doesn't mince words. The first three days of the Venice Biennale are very hectic but also a lot of fun (I attended the 53rd edition in 2009 edition and the first three days were so, so cazy). But probably the best thing about attending the Venice Biennale is Venice itself - a very unique and special place.

 3 Days in Venice via

If you are still inteterested in seeing more videos from the Venice Biennale, here are videos from three countries from the Middle East that took part.

United Arab Emirates Pavilion

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

Egypt Pavilion