UNCOLLECTABLE: A Pop-Up Sound Art Experience

UNCOLLECTABLE is a two-night performance that will combine elements of an art gallery reception and musical experience. It is a show that seeks to expand the vocabulary of songwriting and highlight the the rising importance of sound art.

This multicultural performance will take place on 21st and 22nd June in New York and will kick off a month-long art exhibit hosted at the Hotel Particulier co-curated by Murtaza Vali, an independent Art Critic, Historian and Curator.

The project is aiming to raise USD 11,000 through crowdsource funding to help bring the performance to life (the art exhibition and an online magazine is already taken care of).

Here's a video featuring +Aziz, a Kuwaiti songwriter and one of the performing artists explaining his reasons behind this project. 

"Indie musicians in the Middle East need to look beyond the entertainment industry to create impact. Arab musicians in particular are constrained by a pop scene that regurgitates what I'd like to call plastic surgery pop. My goal is to leverage trend outside entertainment industry to establish myself as an Arab musician."

If you are tired of a pop scene that regurgitates "plastic surgery pop", and whether you live in New York or not, please show some support. So far, USD 9300 of the required USD 11,000 has been raised. You can donate as little as USD 5 to as much as you want and there are some interesting perks for all the contributors.

The funding campaign ends on Saturday, 22nd June at 11:59pm US Pacific Time.

More info about UNCOLLECTABLE:


By looking at trends outside the entertainment industry, musicians can breathe new life into the Middle East’s passive music and arts industry. By collaborating with sound artists or chefs (for example) we can introduce innovation and ideation into the music industry.


By bringing sound art and music together, we can deepen the conversation about the future of indie music, particularly in the Middle East.

The principles driving UNCOLLECTABLE are supported by a robust PR program and content strategy that will ensure this work has impact. For example, arrangements are being made to convey findings to Mideast Tunes and Knooz Room. Moreover, these principles are brought to light in an eMagazine already published on ArteEast.

Participating Performers

Joshua Liebowitz (artist), +Aziz, Matthew Halley, Sammi Ali, Jie-Song Zhang, Seif Al-Din, KRUSSIA (musicians)


- Video Crew + Content Development $4500

- Transportation Costs $1200

- Venue $1500- Equipment $1000

- Props $500

- Catering $1000

- PR $1500

- Payment to sound artist TBD

- Remainder of money raised will be divided amongst the musicians

- Indiegogo/ Paypal/ the bank will scrape off a good 5-9%


Hotel Particulier is an art salon, an establishment where encounters, cross-pollination of ideas, disciplines and collaboration can take root and grow in a space that is different - and where there is a freedom of experimentation. It is a place of hospitality, of decompartmentalization, of conversations, and where not only artworks are exhibited but also ideas. Ticket prices for the event are to be decided.