UAE National Day 2010

Photos by Hind Mezaina

Photos by Hind Mezaina

Today the United Arab Emirates is 39 years old. I am still in London, but I am sure there will be grand celebrations all across the country and the town will be painted red, white, black and green!

I found these national flag ensembles last month in Bin Sougat Shopping Mall and just loved how kitschy they look.

The UAE has come a long way, but has a longer way to go. We've built the tall towers and announced the grand projects, but can we now focus on the little stuff. Hope the next few years will see the development of our education and health systems. We need to build minds and souls to carry on the work that's been done so far.

Enjoy this video '39 and Rising', a visual road trip through the Emirates - inspired by the average summer temperature in the UAE and the nation's 39th birthday.