Trailer Tuesday - Escape From Tomorrow

Escape From Tomorrow by Randy Moore is currently screening at the Sundance Film Festival and I am obsessed with it. 

Jim White is an average American family man, mostly content to exist within his humdrum reality. At the tail end of a theme park vacation with his loving wife and two beautiful children, he is awakened by an unsettling phone call from his boss, who tells him that he has lost his job.

Unwilling to disturb their sabbatical, Jim holds off on breaking the news to his family so they can enjoy their last day at the idyllic and beloved tourist destination. In desperate need of a distraction, he finds one amidst the long lines at the park—two attractive and fun-loving teenage girls.

In his fractured state, Jim falls obsessively in love, making any excuse he can to follow them everywhere. Along the way, his paranoid psyche spirals even further downward, and the fine line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred.  (via

I first got to know about this film through this review, 'Escape From Tomorrow' is a surrealist treat that will give Disney's lawyers nightmares. The title alone made me want to watch this film. 

The review by Drew McWeeny is great, and the following paragraph really sums it up quite well. 

The movie also serves as a very wry commentary on the entire nature of the pre-packaged family fun park experience, and in some ways, this is what is most upsetting about it. By using the real Disney parks and then by tweaking it in small ways, Moore turns this familiar space into something both oppressive and surreal, and he seems to be fascinated and disgusted in equal measure by the sort of plastic happiness that the Disney parks sell to the public. It is genuinely sinister, and I am sure the next time I have my own family at one of the parks, lots of the imagery from this film is going to linger with me.

Whilst this isn't an actual trailer, it's the first official clip from the movie that's been released online.