Trailer Tuesday - Dubaï Flamingo

Dubaï Flamingo was filmed in Dubai last November and scheduled to released in December this year. I had no idea this was filmed here, maybe because the Dubai's media attention was focused on this movie that was also filmed here the same month. All I can say is that Dubaï Flamingo looks a lot more interesting that that other film.

Directed by Delphine Kreuter, she told Gulf News that she wrote the script on a visit to Dubai but wanted to use the location as a dreamlike context to the film, "I chose not to talk of Dubai as it really is, neither did I want to talk of its inhabitants. The town and the desert are only the context of my story."

About the film:

Vincent (Sergi Lopez) lives in the mirage town of Dubai. His wife Livia (Florence Thomassin) disappears leaving no trace. Maybe she ran off with another man. Vincent decides to search for her. In a parking lot, he meets Jackie (Vanessa Paradis), a young woman in tears with a strange mission. Together, they begin a journey on the roads of the Emirate, between city and desert, between reality and dream.