Trailer Tuesday - Bollywood: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Bollywood: The Greatest Story Ever Told was screened at the Cannes Festival last week, part of the Out of Competition section of the festival

Anyone that grew up in the UAE during the 1970-80s will be very familiar with Bollywood movies. We watched movies every weekend on our good ol' Channel 33, one of the handful of TV channels at the time. It was a weekly escape, the boy, the girl, the villan, the songs and the choreography. It's been a while since I watched a typical Bollywood film, but this trailer brought back some memories and hope you will enjoy it too.

We love it.
We hate it.
We see it as regressive.
We see it as modern.
Melodramatic or Mythic?


Some say it's the only culture that holds India together.
Others say it's the most corrupting influence on Indians and should be banished from their shores. 

A love a affair that has lasted over 70 years between almost 2 billion people worldwide . 

Not only does it refuse to stop, it keeps on growing. 
Embracing it's most important, it's most vilified, it's most loved element: the song and dance.

No Bollywood film needs to be called a musical. It needs no such excuse. It just is one. Regardless of the genre.