This is Coffee

Here's a quaint video made in 1961 by the Coffee Brewing Institute. It explains how coffee is made in the most delightful old fashioned way.  

The video shows you the three ingredients that go into the brewing process, water, coffee and time. But only "care will produce the perfect result everytime". 

It ends with the following lovely words explaining why coffee is good any time of the day, 

It helps us start the day with warmth and vigour. It's a pleasant spur to the morning's work. 

It provides the essential part of our pause at noon, indespensible during that unhurried hour in a world that often forgets to stop. 

In a romance of evening when young dreams glow softly, coffee is always a perfect companion. And afer dinner it is at home in any setting when good taste is important.

In the end it remains a simple thing, easy to attain. Well made and well enjoyed.

A good cup of good coffee.