The Story of Islamic Art in 99 Objects

Left: BRASS ASTROLABE 1069 AH / 1658-1659 AD India Right: IMPORTANT IZNIK TILE Circa 983 AH / 1575 AD Turkey, Ottoman Empire


The holy month of Ramadan has inspired a unique exhibition of 99 art objects depicting the story of Islamic Art at the Farjam Collection in Dubai. Curated in collaboration with Zayed University, The Story of Islamic Art in 99 Objects showcases art from Mr. Farhad Farjam’s extensive private collection. 

The 99 objects cover a broad geographical scope and stretch across time from the 1st century AH to the 14th century AH. It includes manuscripts, Qur’ans, calligraphy, textiles, ceramics, miniatures, metal works, jewellery, and arms - showcasing the exquisite technical and aesthetic refinement born of the exceptional craftsmanship that is characteristic of Islamic art at large.

Zayed University’s students chose to focus on the cycle of art and patronage that is central to Islamic art production over the centuries in order to tell their story.

"These remarkable works capture the rich history of Islamic art in visual and spiritual codes”, said Emilie Faure, Collection and Exhibitions Manager at The Farjam Collection. “From illuminated manuscripts, elaborate textiles, to splendid ceramics and glass wares, these 99 objects speak of the lives and aspirations of their patrons, artisans, artists, and owners through time.”

Farjam Collection has been holding classes and workshops teaching museum studies to Zayed University  students and  this exhibition marks the culmination of a full term of educational partnership between the two. The collaboration has offered students of Zayed University the rare opportunity to work directly with precious artefacts from the past.

Exhibition details:

Dates: Exhibition is on till the end of Ramadan, i.e. mid September.

Location: Farjam Collection, DIFC Gate Village, Dubai (location map)

Contact: +971 (0) 4 323 0303