The Olympic Games by Casio Kids

Blame it on Olympic fever, but I am in love with Olympiske Leker (The Olympic Games) by Casio Kids and think the hand drawn animated video by Chad Blevins is just adorable. 

Behind the commercials, the celebrity focus, logistical stress and economic issues there is something quite beautiful about the concept of the Olympic Games.

If we really are so different, if we have to have those flags and borders, we might as well try to finish all the fighting with some rubber balls, racing around an oval lawn and see who can throw an iron ball attached to a chain the longest.  Casio Kids

Watch the video, download the song and sing along (I've included the lyrics with the English translation below). Enjoy.  


lengdeløp           long distance

hekkeløp            hurdle race

maraton             marathon

triatlon            triathlon 

kulestøt            shot put

sleggekast          hammer throw

diskos              discus throw

spydkast            javelin throw

sykkelløp           cycling

orienteringsløp     orienteering

høydehopp           high jump

løftes opp          lift me up

basketball          basketball

baseball            baseball

tennisball          tennis

samme kall          same calling

svømmedrakt         swimming suit

samme drakt         same suit

i samme land        same country

med samme flagg     same flag

en OL-ring          an olympic ring

en lekegrind        a playpen

en utopi            utopia

på virkelig         for real

en posisjon         a position

en prosesjon        a procession

en visjon           a vision

harmoni             harmony

en måneds tid       a month’s time 

And in case you are interested, Casio Kids launched #casiolympics on Twitter a few days ago. The person that comes up with the best suggestion for a new sport to be included in the Olympics wins their album and a Gullbrød (Golden Bread) chocolate. My vote goes to Space Hopper Racing