The Magnetist

The Magnetist is a quirky short documentary about Micke, aka 'The Magnetist', whose life revolves around cassette tapes.

Most of Micke's time is spent on various tape-related projects; he blogs about them, he makes music with them and he got a monthly tape club in his hometown Stockholm. Sometimes it's a struggle. Here we get an insight to Micke's life as a tapeologist and join him to his tape-only club to find out the motivation behind his interest.

I love people like Micke who are so dedicated to their passions - I love that he loves cassettes (if you know me or have been following this blog for a while, you will know I love all things analogue). Watching the part about his monthly tape club party was sad and endearing. Sad because it only attracts a handful of people, but endearing because Micke still gives it his all and grateful for the turnout, regardless of numbers.

I tried looking for his blog, but noticed the following comment on Vimeo by the filmmaker:

Micke ended his blog in May since people had contacted him about copyright claims (ironically some old punk bands). I emailed him to see if he started a new one or got another one, but he wrote that he got a bit tired and fed up after all the nonsense argumentation, but he'll start something only to promote his own stuff he said.

I'll post it if I hear anything more about it. I think that this whole scenario actually is really interesting, maybe I'll see if I could do a short follow up on it.

I really do hope there will be a follow up to this documentary and hope Micke is still making mix tapes and throwing tape parties. If Micke lived in Dubai, we'd be friends.