The Kooples

When I was in Paris earlier this week, I kept seeing poster ads for The Kooples, featuring very hip and beautiful couples highlighting how many years they've been together. I didn't get a chance to check out the shop, but I just checked out their website and found out they have video ads as part of their campaign with even more painfully hip and beautiful couples. 

The Kooples is a French label founded by three brothers Alexander, Laurent and Raphael - the sons of the people behind the Comptoir des Cotonniers womenswear.

The Kooples is bringing chic back to the streets, dressing men and women in sharp allure, with a style borrowed from icons of fashion and a love for vintage.

This franco-british elegance made for urban living has everything from dress shirts to party dresses, jeans to suits, shoes to jewels, and a state of mind that has the somber thoughts of night owls falling in love in the early hours of the morning.

The Kooples has chosen to side with Savile Row, that neighborhood in London made famous for its tailoring. By teaming up with these master tailors, The Kooples has created the hip neo-dandy with a tailored fit, narrow sleeves and snug shoulders. A London cut revisited by the infamous “je ne sais quoi” of the French.

And, because music is an integral part of the brand’s image, The Kooples is launching The Kooples Records, a platform for indie, rock, pop, electro, and folk... celebrating the talent of couples. (via

Here are some of the videos I'm talking about (you can see more videos here). Not sure if they are real couples, but if they are, I hope they don't break up. Otherwise, it would be awfully awkward.

Corinna & Johnny

Fahrani & Luke

Venus & Jonas