Tea with Culture on 6 Pillars

Last month, my Tea with Culture podcast partner Wael Hattar and I were invited to produce four weekly guest spots for 6 Pillars on Resonance FM, an arts radio project broadcasting out of London.

The aim was to give a somewhat holistic overview of the art scene in the UAE. For the four episodes we recorded, Wael and I invited guests to discuss the development of local artists, the role of institutions when it comes to programming and education, the role of curation at commercial galleries and lastly, art journalism and critique in the UAE.

We really enjoyed putting these four episodes together, and both Wael and I would like to thank Fari Bradley from 6 Pillars for asking us to do this. 

Below are all four episodes, hope you can make time to listen to some or all of them (and if you haven't already, please listen to the Tea with Culture podcast here).

Episode 1: Foundations and private organisations developing local artists featuring Dr Ali MacGilp, curator at Maraya Arts Center in Sharjah, UAE