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The Sad Bat Position

Art Connection, a gallery based in Bastakiya will showcase an artist every Saturday night by displaying his/her work, it is an initiative that aims to encourage upcoming artists to use the venue for the night as a launch pad to expose their work to the art community and media, all in a very relaxed and social setting.

This Saturday will feature Susy, and according to her bio,

I am
An architect
Almost an urban planner
I have
2 cats: Midnight and Hash (who I didn't name)
Short curly hair and try keeping it always fluffed
Was born in Rome and always go back
Was brought up in Jeddah and rarely go back
Live in Dubai and often get bored of it

Event details:

Saturday Night at Art Connection presents: Susy, Midnight & Hash 

House 29 Al Bastakiya

7.30pm Sat, 6th Feb 2010

Phone: +971 50 656 9121