Super 8 Footage of Dubai and Sharjah in 1969

I am so happy I found Super 8 footage of Dubai and Sharjah in 1969 before the formation of the United Arab Emirates. It feels like I found a small treasure (despite the annoying URL that appears throughout the clips). These videos have been online for a couple if years, so I'm suprised I have not stumbled upon them before.

There is a third video which looks like it was shot by the RAF. (On a related topic and in case you'e not seen this before, watch this video.)

Enjoy the sites of Dubai and Sharjah from 1969.

Dubai 1969

Sharjah 1969

RAF Sharjah 1969

Cine film of RAF 'T-bird' Hunter flying FAC student with camera from RAF Sharjah to near Fujairah and landing back low level at RAF Sharjah. Old Control tower (still standing in Sharjah today) just visible at the end of the video.

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